We Cycle Korea

Hello and welcome to one of the fascinating countries in the world.

We Cycle Korea is a small but mighty bike tour agency founded by passionate local Koreans, along with our talented friends.

We met at the university and majored in geography. We both traveled all around the country by bicycle many times, so our goal for bike tour was easily set up.

After coming back from a long-term bike trip in America, we decided to launch a bike tour. Finally, we came up with the name of the company “We Cycle Korea” which means that exploring the country as close to the ground as possible.

We love our country and can`t wait to share a wonderful experience with you on our tour.

All of our tours are aimed at giving customers the best service and experience while visiting Korea.



Doha designed all of the bike tour course. He is a licensed English tour guide and bicycle mechanic.

He loves to talk about country`s custom, history, culture, and food with his customers.

Charlie Ju


He is the web designer and set up the website.

His skills in multitasking make him an incredibly valuable asset to our team. He is also expert in camping.

“Great service, excellent guide”
I never felt in danger on the streets and was able to ride a bike with no hassle. Furthermore, the service of We cycle
Korea was impeccable! Highly recommend!

From Hong Kong