Seoul – Yongsan-gu

How would you get to Seoul from the Incheon airport? a bus or train?

It depends on where you stay. If you come by train, you will get off or transfer at Seoul train station.

Total distance: 12515 m

Today, I rode one of downtown in Seoul, Yongsan district. The district has relatively well-preserved green area and a quite road.
It was only 14 km but a couple of museum fascinated me and I allow myself some extra time to stay there.

This is how you see as soon as coming up from the station. Two very different styles of buildings are both Seoul train station. One with green dome is the old one and the other one with glass is the new one.

It is a nice building but like other stations, some beggars and homeless people are around.

Way to move away from the area. Riding to the War Memorial of Korea!

I passed by many U.S Army buildings. Ever since two Korea agreed to a ceasefire, they`ve settled in South Korea.

The monument behind my bike is Bronze Sword symbolizing the division of two Korea.

“Freedom is not free”. We must not forget about the past and always try out best to keep our country safe.

Luckily, the museum also has an exhibition outside which is pretty amazing so I didn`t have to chain my bicycle to someplace safe.

Where is the first tourist zone in Korea? Myeong-dong? Gwangwamun? No, Itaewon is!
If you are a foreigner, you will definitely see many people who look like you over there.
Itaewon is 1.4km street full of international restaurants, clubs, and cafes.

Having a trouble with finding a suitable size for you? Come visit here and you will find one for you.

This kind of old hotel becomes popular in summer for people who are exhausted from hot weather to enjoy the pool up on the roof.

Japnese restaurants are everywhere in Korea.

I found a big dog at the end of the street. I thought it only has a head but also has a body.

Finally, I am on the bicycle path alongside the Han River. This kind of bike paths are all over the country so I will introduce you step by step.

I was waiting for the traffic light to change. It is for a bicycle.

I was riding Yongsan district and this is Yongsan family park. The sign says organic garden in Korean.
Seoul is a really busy city with 10 million people but the city still has many green spaces like this.

Two huge museums are right next to the park. Hangeul(Korean language) and National Museum. The national museum looks like a spaceship with a big hole. I just feel bad that my camera couldn`t take a whole building.

The museums are so peaceful and calm, so this would be perfect even for the people who are not interested in history. Yongsan family park is connected by a path

The area is no bicycle zone but they have bicycle rack at the entrance. You would rather allow yourself some extra time when you visit here.

I was at Yongsan train station as my last stop for today`s journey. “Dragon Hill” is a famous Korean-style spa which opens for 24hours.
The biggest electronic market in Korea is on the other side of the station. The heaven for an early adapter!

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