Seoul – Jung-gu[Part 1]

Jung-gu. Jung means center in Korean and can be written “中” in Chinese. This is the center of Seoul in many ways.

High buildings, honking cars, busy people and tourists from all over the world. the area is one of the places on their wish list to visit.

Total distance: 11652 m

A gate has been built right in the middle of the city all by itself. Namdaemun(sungnyemun) is designated as the National Treasure No.1 and very very important cultural heritage. Since it was once set on fire in 2008 by arson, it is more cherished by Seoulite.

The wall connecting 4 main gates has been restored.

A king was described as a dragon, even though the dragon makes some cute face like that.

We have 5 palaces in Seoul and this is the most damaged one called Deoksugung. It was early in the morning so few people were there and the last wendsday of month is free entrance. It is called the day with culture, but don`t feel day even though you already paid the fee. It is only 1,000 won….

The walkway along the wall of Deoksugung is quite nice. So, I was riding along the wall. The walkway is blocked only for pedestrian during lunch time.

Summer must be very close. Many fountains in the city are finally turned on.

“Doseong” mean the capital in Korea. Seoul has been the capital of Korea for more than 600 years. It was a walk through the history of the country. There were many historic buildings.

PAI CHAI school. This is the first modern school in Korea and the predecessor of Pai Chai middle school, high school, and the university.

I could find several embassies along the street but policemen were watching at me so I took a snapshot of the name stone of Russian. They said it is ok to take it.

While Pai chai school was the first one, Ewha school was the first woman school. Ewha University is still very famous and considered as one of the best university in Korea.

Let`s circle back to Deoksugung and take a second trip around Jung-gu.

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