Seoul – Jung-gu[Part 2]

After riding back to Deoksugung, I turned right and headed to Seoul city hall. It was so nice to see the empty square which used to be occupied by many tents supporting the former president who was impeached.

Two buildings coexist well side by side like nothing really happened in the past.

This is the old building which was built during the Japanese occupation period and now used as a public library. We keep this one not to forget about the past….??

This real one sat behind the old one. It would be nice to have it front.

Only 254 days to Pyeongchang Olympic. Room charge already goes high. It is fair to get some advantage from the big event but not really fair to fix the price. I hope we face the issue and handle it well before Olympic starts.

Yeoboseyo? the word we say when we answer the phone. Leave the message for 30 seconds, go into the city hall and listen to your story which turned into music.

Heunginjimun, east gate is currently in the restoration process. It will be done by the end of the money.

This weird looking building is Dongdaemun DDP which is the largest 3D amorphous structure in the world. its design was selected through an international design contest.

It is truly the beautiful building but I still don`t get what these statues mean…

By the way, Dongdaemun is the place for a shopper. Many big malls are lined up alongside the main street. I even get confused where I am quite often when I get inside of buildings.

Jangchungdan Park. On August 20th,1895, Empress Myeongseong was killed by Japanese soldiers in Gyeongbokgung Palace which is our main palace. 5 years later, Emperor Gojong built a shrine here to lament the death of his wife in 1900.

The shrine was lost during the Korean War and the place was renovated into a park.

The independent movement began from common people on March 1, 1919, and spread out to people of every class. Confucian schools who by the way, are very stubborn and academic also participated in the wave.

The man on the right picture was one of the independent fighters whose name is LeeJun. He was sent to Hague to inform unfair pack with Japan and nail their wicked act to international society. His job completely failed by Japan`s disturbance. He couldn`t stand the situation well and died in a month.

I can`t even think that I am the downtown of the city. It was so green and cool

As a final stop, I went to MYeongdong area. Everybody knows this place and think this as a shopping street. but it has the cathedral which represents the Catholic church of Korea. This is not a just religious building, also have architectural Significance of modern style.

The area is not really for me or bikers. It was too busy and all I could see was cosmetic shops. I am not really picky when it comes to cosmetic and actually do not really care about it.

I know the names but have no idea what is good or not. It just looks so same to me.

As the last spot, I was going to Bank of Korean money museum and saw a beautiful foundtain. The water make the city a bit cool.

I don`t want to chain my bicycle outside. I might as well come back here later. I am 28 but even when I grew up, Korea money got changed a couple of times.

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