Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

UNESCO World Heritage Hwaseong Fortress. One hour drives south from Seoul. The fortress was built in a well-planned city named Suwon. It is 5.4km and surrounds the central of the city. The fortress is punctured with 4 gates and I start from the eastern gate.

It was a super beautiful day. The sky was clear and deep blue. The gate has the nameplate of supervisors who contributed to construction attached to the left of the gate. The nameplate is still visible even after it was completed over 200 years ago. It was built using geography so the area is a little higher than the ground.

Seoul also has 4 gates which stand on a very busy street while this gate is in a spacious area.

The walking path is made alongside the fortress. The lights on the ground would be turned on at night. I got there early Sunday morning and luckily could avoid confusion. My friends was coming here in the afternoon but waiting line for a parking lot was too long to wait and turned away.

This building and field are archery experience center. It starts every 30 minute from 09:30 am.

After shooting that all, people have to pick them up by themselves. You get 10 chances.

Yeonmudae. This solemn building is a military observation post with a sweeping view of the fortress. It is also used as a training ground for soldiers. This horizontally perfect and cool picture makes me feel good about my camera even though I still don`t know well.

This is the route that I rode. There was no hassle and bicycle rental shop time to time but of course, bikes were not really in great condition. Viewing is not free but it doesn`t seem to be a right way to do. No one was checking a ticket or shut out free tourist. It was like getting a money for taking a stroll in a park.

However, they seem to have other ways to make a money. They have a trolley which shuttles people back and forth. The trolley is an authentic model of the car of our last king, Sungjong.

Banghwasuryujeong Pavilion. Located on higher ground, the pavilion is a military command center. This unmatched building style on each side gives various looks from outside.

A pond is situated on its back and a small islet is formeed with three trees in the middle.

A gate with 7 arch floodgates is Hwahongmun Gate.

I kept riding next to the fortress. The road was almost perfect. The only problem is the route was too short for a bike. It is suited for walking.

This green line is for a trolley. A trolley runs every 30 minute, so I could get on the road when it is not on. The video have a phone call with my friends… I didn`t realize it was also recored.

After climbing a steep but short hill, I found a big statue of Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty.

He is the man! Jeong who went through his father`s death when he was young but became one of the most successful rulers in Korean history. The story of his father who was put to death by his own father is pretty interesting. Jeongjo devoted much of his time to reestablish his father`s death and built the fortress here to guard his tomb. The way he was killed is really cruel and unusual.

A trolley is going down to Hwaseong Haenggung. I might as well go down too.

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