Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung

A haenggung is a temporary palace for the king and royal family. Hwaseong Haeggung was used by King Jeongjo. When he visited the city to worship his father`s death at his tomb. Also, The Palace was the place for his mother`s 60th birthday feast which was splendid and gourmet.

I went to the first building on right side. Jipsacheong. This was an office of specialist for trivial work at the palace. No one was there. Like it name says, people does not seem to care for this area.

Many people got out of their house for the weekend and came here to spend time with family and friends. The office held some event booth like making a craft, painting and writing calligraphy for visitors.

Jeongjo`s father was killed by his own father. How? This is how he died. Being locked inside a rice chest which is used to keep grains. Every country has the story of insanity in the royal family. Our story is about him. His name was Pince Sado was born as the second son of the King Yeongjo with his favorite concubine. King Yeongjo was reported to have a bad temper and Sado was terrified of him. Yeongjo criticized him too much and never showed him any pleasure to his success. This made the situation worse and worse, Sado went crazy

Sado`s behavior was violent and erratic from this moment. When his mother died, he punished and killed eunuchs to deal with his grief. King Yeongjo finally summoned and ordered him to get into a rice chest. The lid was closed and he lasted for 8 eight days in this small chest. In the 19th century, Some scholars insisted that his illness was a fabrication to cover his brutality.

enough about his death, there is a set for visitors to try Hanbok for 3,000won.

One more experience you could do here is a stamp. Find all the buildings here get a stamp.

King`s table is called Soorasang which include 12 dishes aside from the main menu. What a great table every day.

This is the main building in this palace. Much smaller than the palace in Seoul. Simple and plane.

Back in this area, there is the long picture of King`s procession to his father`s tomb.

There is the oldest tree here. We tie a string to make our wishes.

Way out from the Haenggung.

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