The War Memorial of Korea [Late Joseon ~ Japanese colony]

This chapter include a tragic history of losing country to Japan. Joseon is very familiar country to any Korean. The dynasty was ended by foreign pressure and went through the gloomy days.

To ease your boredom, each exhibitions have videos in the middle with various subtitle.

I forgot which battle this video try to tell.

This fortress is designated as UNESCO World Heritage. Real one is located in Suwon city. This around 5 km fortress was built by King Jeongjo to house the tomb of his father who had been executed by his own father. Also, it is a very impressive structure and scientifically well-made.

This signal fires was lit up to communicate with fellow soldiers on a scale of 1 to 5.

An artillery regiment could inflict a severe damage to enemies. A gun was still not 100% automatic and takes long time to load it with bullets. A cannon could be hundred times more efficient than a sword.

So many different kind of cannons was developed to be used in a proper situation. It was interesting to see the real replica and how it works.

Joseon was put pressure by foreign powers to open its port. Two major military action was taken place by France and America. French expedition undertaken in 1866 and the other one occurred in 1871.

Many powerful countries in the world tried to colonize other countries especially in Asia and Africa. Joseon signed a compulsory and irrational Ganghwa treaty with Japan in 1876. That is the beginning of long sad history.

Many of effort was made to save the country. An Jonggeun is still rated one of the greatest patriot. On October 26, 1909, a prime minister of Japan, Ito Hirobumi was assassinated by him. He was later executed but awarded a medal for his efforts to country`s independence.

An army for independence was organized along with individual effort.

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