The War Memorial of Korea [The Korean War]

This museum contain most of important wars occurred in Korea peninsula and of course, the most important and the latest one is the Korean War.

They have big exhibitions almost as big as the others combined. The exhibit was dark to make obscure atmosphere and I found first symbolic skull lying on the ground.

Many of dead body was founded unknown and still hasn`t come to the front.

Three guys, Kim illsung in NK, Mao in China and Stalin in the Soviet Union, initiated the war by supporting North Korea with military or financial support.

The drawers with years mark have documents which were the evidence of important events in each year. Papers look fade and old but relatively well-preserved for more than 60 years.

Seoul quickly fell to the North and their advance gets momentum to go further south.

South Korean force was nothing compare to the North. Only a few training aircraft were fighting against Soviet-made one and did not even have launcher to blast off missiles. Soldiers moved bombs by hands and drop it to the ground.

They tried really hard to at least hamper the advance of the North. However, military strength was not enough for that. This virtual battle describe the combat across the Han River. Heavy battle went on and the North finally got to cross the river despite of the intense resistance of the South.

This sudden attack drove people out of their house and move away to Pusan which is located almost Southern most part of South Korea.

This was what South Korea have a month after the initiation of the war. The Nakdong River fortunately made the last defense line and keep the cities safe from the North. Still, both countries used all their forces for protecting and occupying.

The South got a clue to counterattack which landing on Inchon Sea directly from Pusan. The battle of Inchon led to a result of terrain recovery.

A South Korean flag was again hung in Seoul. The war could stop at that point but the commander of the South said “Follow my order and march North!” so the war continued.

The guy in the middle is the commander, Lee syngman. It turned out to be a overstepping his authority and a huge mistake.

China got involved in this war and sent the troops.

Poor soldiers and innocent civilians suffered from a attack and retreat.

The most intensive battle during 3-year of the war is the Battle of White Horse. It was bloody battle for dominant hilltop position. The battle went on for ten days and the hill change hands 24 times.

Three years after the war broke out, the both countries called for cease-fire and signed armistice agreement.

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